Government rolls out new state pension forecasts

It’s been a long time coming, but at long last it is possible to go online and discover what your state pension entitlement is currently and what it might be by the time you reach retirement age.

If you already file tax returns online you will be familiar with the Government Gateway and you can use your existing User ID and password to proceed.   If not the process of registering is relatively simple, if somewhat convoluted.

Once you have entered your password, HMRC will then send an access code to your nominated mobile number, which will allow you to see your pension forecast.

It’s advisable to have your passport handy the first time you do this as I was asked to provide some details from it to verify that it was indeed me requesting access.

Unfortunately you only get two numbers.   The first is your entitlement based on your contribution history as of 5th April 2015.  The second is the amount you may get to if you continue to contribute. 


Disappointingly, although the numbers take into account wrinkles such as “contracting out”, the actual calculations are not presented.

If you are interested in some of the finer details Age UK has published an excellent document answering almost every conceivable question.

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